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Building Healthy Hybrid and in-Office Teams

Proactively managing team health for better team productivity

How Skylyte Helps Build High-Functioning Teams

Science-backed engagement and mental health measurement

We use the latest science behind resilience, team dynamics, and burnout to measure the health of your team and everyone on it.

Bridging data and action

Going beyond just data, Skylyte helps your team bridge the data to action divide.

Building high-performance hybrid and remote teams

Our tools work seamlessly to hone performance in a new era of autonomous, hybrid teams. We help you reduce churn and improve efficiency.

Skylyte benefits discovery and customization

Skylyte helps your teams discover your existing benefits to increase adoption.
Our Product

Team health at your fingertips

Using a combination of big data, behavior change science, and customized support, Skylyte helps your teams measure, act on, commit to, and track team health.
How Our Data Is Different

Teams see change within 2 weeks of working with us.

Skylyte sees engagement levels that outpace industry standards because Skylyte designs an HR product people WANT to use—rather than feel obliged to.


47% reduction in severe burnout cases over 3 months


After 30 days, 2 out of every 3 people stay engaged with the Skylyte platform


Using social accountability and gamification, we see close to 100% participation in assessments
Our Solutions

Skylyte is a one-stop shop for managing your organization's team-level mental health.

We work with high-stress, high-performance industries where team performance is everything.
Our product uses best-in-class science and big data to improve and predict:
  • Retention
  • Productivity
  • Team health

See How Skylyte Helped This Growth Operations Team!

Case Study: In 3 months, this team increased their resilience score by close to 20% and saw the highest increases across the company in their levels of autonomy and overall collaboration.
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Our Research

Our product is backed by the latest research on team mental health and performance—what we call 'Team Health Science.'

Current Workplace Trends

The pandemic has put a great amount of stress on teams. Are you ready to welcome them back to the workplace?

Your Workplace May Be the Cause of Employee Burnout

Burnout isn't an individual quick fix. It's a whole team solution.
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Lasting Team Resilience Can Be Built

Resilience isn't an abstract concept. It can be built with the right tools behind team engagement.
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