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Find your success. Invest in team health.

Skylyte helps you build a healthy, productive organization by focusing on the mental health of each individual on your team.

This team-centric approach empowers you to reduce burnout and improve resiliency across your organization.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s health

We empower you with big-data, behavior change science and customized support to measure your team’s health, commit to change and act on findings.


Predict churn and increase productivity

We use best-in-class science and big data to help high-stress, high-performance industries maximize team performance

Teams see change within 2 weeks of working with us

Now that teams are going back to the office, make sure you’re ready for the new challenges being faced in a hybrid workplace.


reduction in severe burnout cases over 3 months

2 weeks

71% of people felt positive team change in just 2 weeks


assessment participation rates

How Skylyte helps build high-functioning teams

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Engage with your team and measure their mental health

We use the latest scientific research in the fields of resilience, team dynamics, and burnout to measure the health of your team and each individual on it.

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Mental health improvement as a team building exercise

Skylyte helps your team bridge the data to action divide. Using gamification and social accountability, we motivate your team to take action.

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Maximize the performance
of your team

In a shifting era of hybrid and remote teams, Skylyte helps you hone the performance of your team, reduce curhn and improve efficiency, wherever they’re located.

Team working and having fun

Growth operations team sees a 20% improvement in team resilience

In 3 months, one team increased their resilience score by close to 20% and saw the highest increases across the company in their levels of autonomy and overall collaboration.

Measure your team’s resilience

The technology behind Skylyte is based on Stanford backed research on team mental health and performance.

Now that teams are going back to the office, make sure you’re ready for the new challenges being faced in a hybrid workplace.

Our proprietary diagnostic

Skylyte utilizes a statistically validated diagnostic that examines 160 factors proven to affect personal resilience and burnout risk.

Learn your personal burnout type

Your workplace may be the cause of employee burnout

Burnout can’t be relieved through individual effort. It requires a whole team solution. A leading cause of burnout is often the demands a workplace places on the team.

Is your team working too hard?

Lasting team resilience can be built

Resilience can be built, if you have the right tools. Skylyte’s research-backed tools are proven to help your team improve workplace mental health

See the research

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