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Skylyte believes that the workplace can be a source of energy for teams, rather than a depleter.

We are working hard to reimagine what the workplace can look and feel like. We see a place where teams are transparent, aligned, proactive, and compassionate.

The Skylyte Team

Leah Weiss, Co-Founder

Leah Weiss, Ph.D., MSW, is a researcher, lecturer, consultant, author, and co-founder of Skylyte. Dr. Weiss is best known for her teaching at Stanford's Graduate School of Business and groundbreaking work with Stanford's Compassion Cultivation Program (conceived by the Dalai Lama). She is an expert in workplace anxiety, burnout, resilience, and the role of leadership in addressing mental health. She's originally from NJ.
Fun Fact: Leah is a new member of the #vanlife world and is obsessed with camping in the Pacific Northwest.

Ines Gramegna, Co-Founder

As a serial entrepreneur with a vested interest in mental health and well-being, Ines Gramegna co-founded Skylyte in 2019 with Stanford’s Dr. Leah Weiss after recognizing something that most mental health tools miss: a whole-team approach to burnout, resiliency, and well-being. She's spent most of her professional life in management consulting, edtech, and the startup world. She's originally from France and Italy.
Fun Fact: Ines almost became a professional ballerina twice. Luckily, her parents stopped her!

Alberto Escarlate, Founding CTO

Alberto is a multi-time founder, CTO, and product executive. EIR at Human Ventures and Techstars. Among other companies, he co-founded Sojo Studios, a social good focused gaming company. He has been working for many years implementing AI applications. Alberto is originally from Brazil.
Fun Fact: Alberto invented the (un)mute button on online ads.

Omkar Kumbhar, AI/ML Engineer

Omkar is Skylyte’s Artificial Intelligence expert and Machine Learning Engineer. He has a master’s degree in computer science from NYU, where he worked at Pelli Lab to link deep learning architectures with psychological concepts. He has a vested interest in new approaches to AI and has previously helped companies scale their data science stack. He's originally from India.
Fun Fact: Omkar once travelled 25 miles one way to have a cup of chai.

Nora Graham, Chief of Staff

Nora is Skylyte's Chief of Staff. She worked in education in different capacities for 8 years. She holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Managament at Northwestern and lives in New York City. She's originally from the Chicago area but spent a lot of time in Philly/DC/NY.
Fun Fact: Nora loves crafting. Her strangest hobby thus far was when she sold cryptocurrency-themed pun greeting cards on Etsy.

Diego Segovia, Technical Project Manager

Diego grew up in Chaco, Argentina. He participated in the Olympiads in Informatics when he was younger and fell in love with Technology. After that, he moved to Buenos Aires to study computer science and started working in the field he loves.
Fun Fact: For a long time he trained non-stop to be a professional high jumper.

Sebastian Nahuel Lerner, Backend Engineer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sebastian has been programming since he was 15 years old. Now he's studying information systems engineering. He loves traveling, learning from new cultures, and is a huge basketball fan.
Fun Fact: Sebastian likes watching chiropractic ASMR videos. He finds them relaxing.

Fernando Chen, Technical Lead

Fernando was born and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spent his childhood in China. He's currently studying information system engineering and enjoying working on exciting software projects. He is a soccer fanatic and likes specialty foods from all over the world.
Fun Fact: Fernando wanted to be an insect biologist when he was a child.

Ian Shih, Backend Engineer

Ian was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started studying computer engineering in 2020 and enjoys playing video games.
Fun Fact: Ian once waited in a queue for 3 hours for a book during a convention.

The Advisory Board

Dr. Jane Dutton

Dr. Jane Dutton is Professor Emerita of Business Administration and Psychology at Michigan Ross University and the co-founder of the Center of Positive Psychology.

Dr. Steve Cole

Dr. Steven Cole is the Director of the UCLA Social Genomics Core Lab and a Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Michael Leiter

Dr. Michael Leiter is the 'Godfather' of burnout research. He is the research chair in Occupational Burnout at Deakin University and a registered psychologist.

Dr. Chris Worley

Dr. Chris Worley is a member of the Academy of Management, NTL, and the OD Network. He is the former Director of the Master of Science in Organization program at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and a current Professor of Organizational Theory and Management.

Erika Rosenberg

Erika Rosenberg is a world-renowned expert on Facial Action Coding and is also Founding Faculty at the Compassion Institute, a non-profit devoted to promoting compassion education worldwide. She has published multiple books on the topic of psychology and compassion.

Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and oversees labs at Carnegie Melon University.

Johannes Eichstaedt

Johannes Eichstaedt is an expert in AI models for decoding mental states. He is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Stanford University and a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Core Values

Lead With Respect

Respect is at the beginning of everything. Without respect, there is neither curiosity nor benefit of the doubt.

Walk the Talk

We believe that we ourselves must follow our own advice. That's why we hold each other accountable to uphold team health, self-care, and fulfillment.


We hold ourselves accountable to naming the elephant in the room and being bold in imagining a different reality.

Impact Commitment

We are committed to measuring our impact and improving the quality and depth of our work. This takes collaboration, organization, and determination.


We place our cards on the table. We believe in thoughtful transparency that puts curiosity and vulnerability at the center of our interactions.

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