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A Modern Workplace Compass for Navigating Team Health

Your team's one-stop shop for measuring, understanding, and building team health and long-term productivity in real time!

What does Skylyte include?

Fingerprinting Team Health

Let's stop over relying on surveys. We complement surveys with less obstructive forms of measurement to accurately fingerprint team health.

Privacy Is Not An Afterthought

We design privacy into Skylyte with help from experts in security, engineering, data protection, and privacy law. Every new feature we create puts the security of our users' confidential and private information first. To develop psychological safety, we need privacy. To make change, we need transparency. That's why we designed a transparent system of permissions to protect at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Gamified Tracking & Action-Taking

Taking action is hard. We get that. That's why we built features that gamify tracking and action-taking to make it fun and seamless.

Customizable Hands-on Support

No one ever made a big change alone. We offer your teams the customized hands-on support they need through our hotline of specialized team coaches.
Our Product

We Focus on Individuals and Teams

Our work teams are an essential driver of our mental health. Our product supports the team as the unit of change!
Our Product

Building an HR Product That Pulls!

We are bringing in the best of consumer-based products to build an HR Product that you WANT to use, rather than FORCED to.

Why Healthy Teams Matter

Healthy teams retain their people, are more productive, and have long-term improvements in physical health


75% of all churn is caused by a direct manager or team


Disengaged employees cost companies $550 billion per year


Healthy teams have 9 additional healthy days/month

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