Measure and improve team health & productivity in real time

Skylyte is a modern workplace compass for navigating team health and motivating action to improve it.

Navigate team health and productivity

Accurately assess your team’s health

Surveys alone don’t provide an accurate picture of team health. Skylyte complements surveys with engaging forms of measurement to provide an accurate picture of individual and team health.

Your team’s privacy is our priority

We’ve built industry-leading privacy into every layer of the technology behind Skylyte. From technology to privacy law, user confidentiality is paramount.

We understand that developing psychological safety demands privacy. So we designed a transparent system of permissions to protect each individual, team, and organization using Skylyte.

Encourage action through engagement

Motivating employees to take action is hard. We get that. Skylyte uses gamification and social accountability to make tracking and action-taking fun and rewarding. We make users WANT to effect change and never obligate them.

The support you need to succeed

No one ever created positive change alone. We tailor our hands-on support to your organization and its goals. A team of specialized coaches will guide you through the program with as much or as little guidance as you prefer.

We focus on individuals & teams

Work teams are an essential driver of mental health.
Skylyte focuses on the team as the unit of change!

An HR platform your team will want to use

Motivating your team includes tapping into internal and external factors. Skylyte taps into both, creating a platform that is fun, engaging and rewarding. The result is a team motivated to act because they want to effect change, not because they are obligated to.

Why healthy teams matter

Healthy teams retain their people, are more productive, and have long-term improvements in physical health


of all churn is caused by a direct manager or team


lost to companies due to disengaged employees


additional healthy days/monthreported by healthy teams

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