We're researching methods to make burnout detection easier and more accessible. Click here to participate in our online study

Skylyte puts research and science in action

We are scientists, researchers, and knowledge experts with deep authority in the science of employee engagement, team dynamics, and mental health.

Modernizing employee engagement and health
will make or break organizations


additional healthy days/monthreported by healthy teams


burned out employees are 2.6x more likely to leave


increase in health care costs at high pressure companies

The technology behind Skylyte is based on Stanford backed research on team mental health and performance.


Our proprietary diagnostic

Skylyte utilizes a statistically validated diagnostic that examines 160 factors proven to affect personal resilience and burnout risk.

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Making burnout detection more accessible for all

In addition to our existing diagnostic, we're researching ways to make burnout detection easier and more accessible. Click below to learn more and participate in our online study.


Lasting team resilience can be built

Resilience can be built, if you have the right tools. Skylyte’s research-backed tools are proven to help your team improve workplace mental health

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Get involved in Skylyte’s research

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