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Putting Research and Science in Action

We are scientists, researchers, and knowledge experts with deep authority in the science of employee engagement, team dynamics, and mental health.

Modernizing Employee Engagement and Health Will Make or Break Companies

9 Days per Month

The number of additional 'healthy days' that healthy teams experience per month


The increase in health care costs at high pressure companies compared to average or below-average pressure companies


Burned out employees on your team are 2.6x more likely to churn
Team Health

Through Our Research We've Uncovered 4 Pillars of Team Health.

4 distinct factors consistently drive team health:
  • Team Awareness

  • Autonomy

  • Structured Rest and Recuperation

  • Community and Collaboration

Resilience Typologies

9 Different 'Resilience Typologies' Exist

Through our research, we've identified 9 different resilience typologies that individuals naturally gravitate toward. We've tested this theory on 10,000 people and have found that identifying these typologies builds individual resilience while increasing your knowledge of your team.
Deconstructing Resilience & Burnout

Our Proprietary Diagnostic

We have developed our own statistically validated diagnostic looking at 160 different factors that affect personal resilience and burnout risk.
Impact of the pandemic

Burnout levels have skyrocketed

The number of people experiencing severe burnout has increased by more than 50% as a result of the pandemic.
Behavior Change

Practicing With Short Real-Life Scenarios

Behavior change is about taking small steps continuously. One of the best ways to do so is through short real-life scenario exercises. Try one of our tools below!

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