Maintain your team’s wellbeing at scale

Skylyte optimizes your team’s performance through a 'care at scale' model that puts team health and long-term performance at the center.

Improve your team’s engagement and reduce burnout fast!

Healthy teams retain their people, are more productive, and have long-term improvements in physical health


team engagement over industry standards


reduction in severe burnout cases


of teams see behavior change within 2 weeks

We specialize in helping high-performance, high-growth organizations

We empower you with big-data, behavior change science and customized support to measure your team’s health, commit to change and act on findings.

Healthcare, HR & Business Leaders

We have worked with industry leaders from the Stanford Hospital to the Mayo Clinic.


We've partnered with innovative pharmaceutical leaders such as Genentech who are pushing the envelope and walking the talk to bring well-being to work.


We have engaged with tech teams like Google that are looking to build energized, purpose-driven teams.

Reduce churn

Get ahead of churn risk by getting visibility on early indicators as a team.

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Increase adoption by focusing on engagement

Winning teams will reinvent employee engagement and productivity by refocusing teams and building ground-up culture and care at scale.

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Take a holistic view of mental health at work

Our prevention-first model of mental health  allows for targeted support and early detection of burnout risk.

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