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What Sustainable Well-Being at Work Should Feel Like

Skylyte allows your teams to stay at peak performance through a 'care at scale' model that puts team health and long-term performance at the center.

We Help Teams With Engagement, Burnout Risk, and Rapid Behavior Change.


Our teams are twice as engaged as the usual industry standards.


After working with us, teams have seen a reduction of 47% in severe burnout cases.


71% of teams see behavior change within 2 weeks of working with Skylyte.
Our Clients

We work with high-performing, high-growth, innovative companies particularly in the healthcare, pharma, and tech spaces.

For Healthcare HR and Business Leaders

We have worked with industry leaders from the Stanford Hospital to the Mayo Clinic.

For Pharma

We've partnered with innovative pharmaceutical leaders such as Genentech who are pushing the envelope and walking the talk to bring well-being to work.

For Tech

We have engaged with tech teams like Google that are looking to build energized, purpose-driven teams.
Key Benefit

Reduce churn risk

Get ahead of churn risk by getting visibility on early indicators as a team
Key Benefit

Building an HR Product that Pulls!

Employers who will win, will reinvent employee engagement and productivity by refocusing teams and building ground-up culture and care at scale
Key Benefit

Take a holistic view of mental health at work

Take a prevention-first model of mental health that allows for targeted support and early detection

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  • How you can increase retention in your teams

  • Develop a healthy and fulfilling work environment

  • Get ahead of mental health issues in your teams

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